Astronomy in Mongolia

Star party-IV

June 22, 2010


Star party-IV

July 1, 2009

The star party was held in Khongor soum, Darkhan province. The local people, amateurs, students, researchers and nomads from country side were in the Star party on 1 July evening. During Star party astronomy teachers; A Dulmaa and B Bayartungalg  from the National University of Mongolia taught basic astronomy class for herders and nomads.  Amateur people brought their telescopes and shared their telescopes to explore the universe and stars.  During star party many nomads people were provided Galileo telescopes by National Observatory of Japan.
Nomads people were talking stories and legends on moon, planets and traditional astronomy exploration. The nomads have own a traditional exploring method using their living Mongolian GER. The Star party allowed astronomy community people gather together to share, experience and  have a wonderful experience in exploring our universe under the unique dark skies of Mongolia.

Star party-III

May , 2009

Star party-II

April 16, 2009

Star party-I

July 24, 2008

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